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Christmas Party Venue

Fabulous Christmas Party Venue In South Melbourne

Christmas is special! It is a time to celebrate with your friends, family, and the people you work with.

Whether you want to host a Christmas party for your loved ones or staff or clients, the Clarendon is the perfect Christmas function venue in South Melbourne for your function.

The Clarendon offers a spacious party area that can accommodate both big and small crowds comfortably. With the best service and a classy ambience, our space is perfect to throw a successful Christmas party.

Corporate Christmas Party Venue In South Melbourne

Celebrating Christmas with the people you have worked with all year long is essential! This is why we love to take bookings for corporate Christmas parties & Corporate meeting. We can create a magical environment to leave you and your staff mesmerised.

No party is a hit without good food. Hence, we offer various menus for you to choose from. Whatever your food requirement is, we can fulfil it to ensure your guests enjoy the year-end celebration.

For any business to run successfully, there’s a need to have happy clients. The happier your clients are, the better it is for your business. We know how important it is for you to build a strong relationship with your clients and keep them impressed. What can be better than hosting a Christmas party for them at the Clarendon? Our space is cosy, impressive, and welcoming and is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients. The ambience is lively and energising and is the perfect setting for a party.


We Can Create The Experience You Want

Some people may want the party setup to be formal, while others may want it to be informal. No matter what you prefer, our Christmas function venue’s staff are capable enough to cater to your needs.

If you want your party to be more like a formal evening dinner, we can set up more tables and seats and play some light music. However, if you want your event to be remembered as a crazy party, then we can set the dance floor for you and play some heart-throbbing music. The decision is yours!

Menu And Drinks

When hosting a party with us, you don’t need to be worried about the food and drinks. Our menu is extensive, and our chef is fantastic. Any dish you point at on our menu is delicious.

A party’s success can be determined by the cocktails being served. Our bartenders are highly experienced and super enthusiastic in serving your guests, meaning your guests will receive a drink from our bartenders without any delay.

Exceptional Service

A party’s atmosphere can be ruined if the food and drinks are not served on time. Our staff is highly attentive and alert when it comes to serving. They are on their toes throughout the event, so none of your guests leave the party hungry.

Since you are the host and you may have many people to attend to, our staff can take the responsibility of ensuring all your guests are constantly being served delicious food and drinks.

Create A Great Impression

Our Christmas party venue in South Melbourne has the power to create the right impression on your guests by exceeding their expectations in terms of ambience, food, and service. We are dedicated to hosting parties that run smoothly right from the beginning, allowing you to relax and enjoy the evening just like the guests. With our top-quality arrangements, we can transform a simple Christmas function into a fun, entertaining affair.

Hosting A Christmas Party? Contact Us

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